Maintenance of a child. Indications for lowering the aging body temperature of a newborn are:


Temperature increases are whiter than 39.5 in babies of a age.

A baby has a "pale fever", or hyperthermia syndrome.

Moderate body temperature (38,0-38,5 ° C) in the following groups of infants:

Since severe diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and other systems;

Infants ages 3-5 years old with a history of febrile seizures;

Age up to TWO weeks, as you suffer fever worse than older babies;

The rise in aging body temperature, if it is accompanied by a significant deterioration in child heartiness and muscle and headaches.

As, pediatricians recommend not to shoot down a temperature of the child itself (alone in emergency situations), and call a doctor. All of antipyretic therapy must ideally be carried out under his direction and supervision. Because even the most innocuous antipyretic medicine can produce serious complications. And by the method, studies show that babies who are prescribed a course of paracetamol at the age of 15 months, significantly increased risk of cultivating asthma symptoms by 6 years.

Why resort to anti-fever medicines for children only when indicated. But extremely careful approach to your range.

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