Child. So to make a "proper" children's soup


If you have decided on what broth or broth will make broth for children, 1-st well bath items (fresh meat or fresh fish - definitely good) and cut into little pieces. After fill them with coldness water, bring to a boil, rinse and refill with water - hot. By a method, gastroenterologists recommend preparation broth broth on the second, not only for children but as well for adults.

How, make the broth for broth in 0.5 an hour from a time the boil over lower warmth. Will certainly make sure that the soup was bubbling - let them quietly brewed. After the bisque to infuse and drain. Thus prepared for a soup base may save the most amount of vitamin.

As well great dishes. It is best for preparation bisque to pick up children's enamel or ceramic pot with a hard-fitting lid. To save all the vitamin and cooking healthy diet food is ideal, for example, dishes ISook.

Choosing a ingredients for a soup, keep in mind what you will feed your baby to second. If it involves fresh meat, it is good to make a broth raw vegetables. If it is a grain - so fit soup. And if you are preparing for a child, it is best to cook soup with flesh without bones. A select variety of raw vegetables, as far however the age and preferences of a consumer.

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